Barry Forshaw on THE LONG SIESTA in Crime Time (an edited version of this review later appeared in Mr. Forshaw’s book Brit Noir, which is a sort of Who’s Who of contemporary British crime writing and film):

‘One might have thought that Spanish-set crime was territory sewed up by the likes of Robert Wilson, but Nick Sweet proves to have the measure of the genre with The Long Siesta. This concise novel is set 1998 Duran. An elderly priest has been gruesomely killed, and Nick Sweet’s protagonist Inspector Velasquez quickly finds himself with a slew of trouble involving Russian gangsters and further ecclesiastical murders. Velasquez proves to be an intriguing and idiosyncratic protagonist, and Sweet evokes his sultry locale with maximum vividness.

Caro Ramsay on THE LONG SIESTA:

‘Sweet handles his twisting plot with all the panache of the Matador.’

Nicholas Blincoe on THE LONG SIESTA:

‘Duran’s priests are being murdered for their past sins, and the only man who can get to the truth is a cop with a secret heroin addiction and a girlfriend who dreams of being a Toreador. Nick Sweet’s The Long Siesta is a full-blooded neo-noir, as gritty as any 1970s Hollywood thriller, and as colourful as the latest Mexican telenovela.’

Howard Linskey on THE LONG SIESTA:

“Nick Sweet’s Inspector Velasquez is one of the most original and intriguing creations in crime fiction; a top Spanish cop with a very dark secret. The Long Siesta offers an authentic slice of nineties Duran with murder as its backdrop. You can almost taste the albondigas and Fino!”

Paul Johnston on THE LONG SIESTA:

They Long Siesta – great title – is a highly readable Spanish-set crime novel, featuring an inspector jefe with an unusual problem and a sympathetic team of homicide detectives. Recommended.’

Nick Quantrill on THE LONG SIESTA:

‘Not for the faint-hearted, The Long Siesta is an enthralling glimpse into an unfamiliar world. Confident and sharp, Inspector Velazquez is a complex man who knows what makes his beat in Duran tick.’

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